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Stephanie, Premier Tech
Industrial Automation, Farming, Environmental Services


Premier Tech has been growing its leadership position globally for 95 years, driven by the collective power of its 4 200 team members in 25 countries. Leveraging its human capital as well as a deeply rooted Culture revolving around innovation and excellence, Premier Tech focuses its efforts in three core industries: Horticulture and Agriculture – greenhouse production, agriculture, and lawn and garden; Industrial Equipment – rigid and flexible packaging, material handling, and palletizing; and Environmental Technologies – wastewater treatment and rainwater harvesting. Committed to the long-term success of its clients, Premier Tech today records sales of nearly 723 million dollars, backed by a strong manufacturing and commercial expertise, a far-reaching entrepreneurial approach and a quarter century-long track record of solid growth. Expansion into a new country is always new territory, hence Premier Tech partnered with the SourceMatch recruiting team to navigate the talent pool in Latin America to support their ambitions of growth.


Identify a Sales Executive in Latin America where the client is expanding. The client had no previous reach for talent in the targeted market and needed quick results.


We mapped the talent pool available and we selected the qualified and available candidates. We used a variety of sources for this: proprietary database, specialty forums, associations, job portals, social media etc.


We managed to match the role with a candidate that was by all intents and purposes overqualified for the role but who was willing to consider the job opening. This allowed the client to hire a better candidate within the same budget and address their future plans of expansion with a more skilled team.


Industrial Automation, Farming, Environmental Services



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