“Regarding our ConverStation – SourceMatch collaboration, we found it very easy to work with SourceMatch. SourceMatch was responsive to our needs, especially when we wanted to change how we were approaching the tasks at hand. Goals were clearly laid out and we appreciated the weekly summaries of how things were going along with clear communication on what would be happening on our behalf the following week.”

Office Furniture Solutions


ConverStation makes great work stations especially designed for open-plan offices that are affordable, customizable and the easiest way to add space to your office.


ConverStation needed help in identifying prospect clients for their products in California.


Dedicated 2 presales professionals to establish a reachout strategy, research the best way to create a connection, and communicate with facility and operations decision-makers.


SourceMatch identified 350 leads for ConverStation that were contacted and 30 were further recommended to our Client’s Sales Representative to continue a discussion.


Office Furniture Solutions


Facility Management

Seniority Level

Manager, Senior