Think Tank, Research

Think Tank, Research

Brookings Institute


For over 100 years, Brookings experts have conducted high-quality, independent research and produced innovative policy solutions for the nation and world.

Brookings has been consistently ranked as the most influential, most quoted, and most trusted think tank. As part of their efforts to sustain these standards, they have retained SourceMatch to identify critical research experts to join their European staff.


Brookings was expanding its international research team and was in need of a Senior Research Assistant with a Ph.D. in international economics and political science in Switzerland. The combination of requirements made it difficult to find someone in the targeted geographical area.


This search required a wide net approach to geography across 3 countries and focused selection of skills to identify the right candidates. Unlike other skills, candidates needed to go through an extensive academic and research capabilities scrutiny, including of their graduate thesis.


SourceMatch shortlisted for Brookings the top 3 candidates in each of the targeted countries: Italy, Switzerland, and Belgium. Although close matched candidates were identified, the complexity of the required skills required a closer look at passive candidates rather than active ones. Brookings interviewed candidates through multiple stages and decided on hiring the best candidates within less than 6 weeks.


Think Tank, Research



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