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Children Foster System "I have been extremely pleased and impressed with the services SourceMatch has provided to New Life Children’s Center."

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“I have been extremely pleased and impressed with the services SourceMatch has provided to New Life Children’s Center. For the first time in my tenure and in recent years, New Life is fully staffed and we are now turning potential applicants away because we don’t have any more full time direct care positions! They have delivered on their promises and they have far exceeded our expectations. The employees with SourceMatch are professional, always available to check in and have worked extremely hard to help us meet our goals. I love the smart reports that they produce as it gives you an idea of the applicant prior to their actual job interview and helps you really tease out and screen your applicants thoroughly. I am a fan and really enjoy working with this company!”

Jacob, Upbring 
Children Foster System


The team at UpBring’s New Life Center is changing the lives of girls that have gone through difficult situations and backgrounds. These girls are warriors and survivors. Each girl who comes through the Upbring residential programs brings their own dreams, talents and abilities, and it’s their joy to provide them a safe place to grow and thrive. Often during the healing process, girls discover special interests and talents and begin to live a healthy lifestyle. Many girls are either reunited with biological family or connected


UpBring faced a very competitive talent market in and around the New Live Residential Center. As the Upbring team was focusing on running an efficient organization, getting enough Direct Care Specialists in place in a timely manner proved to be a challenge.


The SourceMatch recruiting team out together a dedicated team that enabled the creation of a regional direct care specialists community aroudn the New Life Center location. This allowed the recruiters to rapidly reach out to candidates that had a passion for direct care, that were available and qualified to work.


Within less than 6 months, 33 new Direct Care Specialists joined the UpBring New Life Center in Texas.


Children Foster System


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