Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) – a Deeper Understanding

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

Have you heard about the latest way to find the top talent for your company? Recruitment Process Outsourcing allows companies to effectively reach the top and most appropriate candidates for job openings. RPO is a form of business process outsourcing where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external provider. RPO, as it’s called, channels many avenues to measure and appropriately reach the right candidates. By having a set flow, or process, companies utilize the RPO approach and maximize all avenues for candidate searches and matches. RPO starts with a recruiting company, such as SourceMatch, providing a service to a client. SourceMatch then applies a step by step process for hiring and filling any workforce gaps. We start with an ATS (applicant tracking system), then reach out and advertise as needed, carefully target suitable candidates that need to be identified, then schedule interviews, assess skills and behavior matches, select the top candidates that fit the hiring needs, check background and credentials, then you hire the right candidate for your onboarding and orientation!

When does it make sense for a company to outsource their recruitment? What are the advantages of RPO?

It makes sense for a company to utilize Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a good fit for companies that find themselves in a hiring bind. Has your company found itself in any of these situations… an immediate-need hire? A reorganization in the company? Customer complaints? Internal restructures? Reduction in costs? or large scale hiring needs? If you answered yes to any of these, RPO would make sense for your company and fulfill those requirements. Does your company have high turnover? Finding talent nowadays has become increasingly difficult and organizations have trouble identifying key personnel for their growth. Have you had similar challenges for any of your positions? We’d be glad to speak with you about how we can solve these challenges working closely with your team.

How is RPO different from traditional recruiting?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is different from traditional recruiting just as a partner is different from a vendor. Traditional recruiting consists of keyword searches, reading resumes, and skills, then handing over the next steps to the hiring managers. RPO is more concise, more targeted, and will allow the team at SourceMatch to act as an extension of your own, as we have a vested interest in achieving your recruiting goals. RPO allows a professional to effectively handle and fully manage the most practical and effective hiring steps. RPO concisely follows a flow or process and fully oversees the candidate hiring steps from beginning to end. We take from our experience of more than 25 years of international recruiting across industries, sectors, and organizations. SourceMatch will take on all and any of the obstacles that your company may face in regards to hiring barriers while working closely with you to develop a relevant pool of professionals.

What does the outsourcing process look like?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) begins with the definition of your exact recruiting need. In some cases, organizations might have a challenge with finding candidates, while others might have too many on their hands that aren’t suitable. With a clear objective, we build a service that complements the client’s own resources and efforts. Any of the components of our RPO solution have analytics at their core. This provides our clients’ team with transparency to understand key performance metrics at any stage of the process. While having in place clear processes and goals, we know that the market isn’t static. To address changes in demand and complexity, SourceMatch has the ability to scale allocated resources so that our teams’ efforts can address the client’s needs proportionately. Beyond the technology that enables our Engaged Recruiting RPO, our teams have a strong emphasis on staying human with benefits to both client stakeholders and candidates. Software and processes can easily lead to a transactional approach, with direct negative consequences on the quality of the recruiting process. At the end of the day, however, candidates and hiring managers alike are people with aspirations and expectations. There is much more covered by our process that would be detailed in a Statement of Work as soon as we define this with your team.

How do you outsource your recruitment process to make it more efficient?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) makes your company’s internal functions more efficient in many ways. RPO can offer benefits such as improved hiring time, increased quality of candidates, and the provision of verifiable metrics for the recruiting process. In today’s competitive marketplace, these factors can give businesses a significant competitive edge. Making the recruitment process even more efficient, RPO gives overburdened companies an effective outlet for filling job vacancies. By allowing SourceMatch to be your RPO partner, you free up time and resources that your company may use for internal functions and management stability. At the same time, whenever you experience peaks in demand for hiring, we devise a plan to temporarily increase the number of SourceMatch specialists working with your core RPO team.

The SourceMatch Engaged Recruiting model is the upgraded RPO of today’s dynamic market

SourceMatch’s Engaged Recruiting model will fit your hiring needs. We’ve looked at the traditional RPO model and gave it an upgrade, with the desire to constantly find valuable candidates that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, rather than rely on volume recruiting. Whenever a customer decides to use our Engaged Recruiting RPO mode, we start with a conversation about your organization. We first discuss your needs to clearly define what is it that you need to succeed. We also map your company’s work culture and your open positions’ requirements. SourceMatch then incorporates that information in our talent mapping process, targeting certain areas and a specific number of professionals that meet or exceed requirements. We do this by differentiating between active and passive candidates using our unique tools and an extensive network of professional relationships. As for candidates, we start with a simple yet powerful question as we further want to identify whether they are suitable or not: “What are the next logical steps in your career?” Too many times recruiters have treated candidates as commodities, to the detriment of everyone involved in the recruiting process.
If we see there’s a correlation between what they’re aspiring toward and want for their career, then we continue to determine their aptitudes, reliability, cultural proximity, experience, and behavioral traits. Last but not least, one of the key traits that make the difference in the success of a professional is Drive. Will they drive themselves, others, and the company toward new heights? Candidates then complete a custom set of assessments since we want to provide you with an additional layer of information about who the candidate is beyond the resume. We present our top candidates to you after we have fully vetted the applicants. We also help with job offer design and delivery.

Engaged recruiting is about having everyone engaged at every step: defining the talent you need, finding top suitable candidates, vetting them, determining the select ones that stand out, and eventually working with you to onboard the professional that can make a difference. Throughout this process, we involve you with relevant communication via email, status briefings, and data analytics pertinent for effective decision making.

Some advantages of RPO include reduced costs, reduced turnover, reduced internal strain, healthier work culture, happier staff, increased productivity, better branding, greater access to resources, and improving internal functions.

Reach out to us for a quick discussion to find out how SourceMatch can utilize RPO to suit your needs!

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