What are the key 2019 Global Talent Trends?

By June 25, 2019Blog, Recruiting
2019 global talent trends

According to an analysis performed by Mercer – with input from 7,300 respondents including 800 C suite executives, 1600 HR leaders, 4800 employees across 16 geographies and 9 industry sectors – there are key 2019 global talent trends that leading companies are pursuing in 2019:

1. Aligning work to future value
“One-way companies are forging ahead is by creating integrated people strategies that pay attention to today’s needs, while tipping the balance in favor of investing for tomorrow.”
What actions are companies taking today to prepare for the future of work?
Identify gaps between current and required skills supply 52%
Develop a future-focused people strategy 51%
Adapt skill requirements to new technologies & business objectives 48%
Revise the workforce plan to close skills gaps 45%
Identify how employees may support or disrupt changes 45%
Redesign jobs 32%
None of the above 1%

2. Building brand resonance
“A company’s desirability is no longer only the purview of employer review sites like Glassdoor; employees’ collective voice on matters of culture, equity, and ethics are now mainstream news.”
So employer branding matter. The way you create it, will contribute to attracting the right talent for your needs.

3. Curating the work experience
Work experience has to be relevant in order to help them grow as individuals and thrive. What makes employees thrive at work? At a global level, the ability to manage their work/life balance comes first, followed by recognition for their contributions and the 3rd as importance come opportunities to learn new skills and technologies.
In the United States, things are not very different. The ability to manage their work/life balance comes first as well, followed by recognition for their contributions but on the 3rd place as importance is feeling a sense of belonging.

4. Delivering talent-led change
Is HR ready to rethink the entire life-cycle? Traditional mindset should be left aside, and with the use of the new technologies, pay close attention to employee experience and be open to new agile working style. Ask for their thoughts, ideas and opinions as this is a great way to crowdsource initiatives and changes that will engage your employees.

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