5 most Common tech Recruitment Challenges

tech recruitment challenges

Being a tech recruiter is no easy feat. In a market that’s driven by professionals, organizations that have the best tech talent will win in the market. What are the 5 most common tech recruitment challenges?

1. Skills gap

According to a new McKinsey Global Survey on future workforce needs, nearly nine in ten executives and managers say their organizations either face skill gaps already or expect gaps to develop within the next five years. The greatest need appears to be in data analytics stated by 43% of respondents, followed by IT management and executive management by 26% of respondents.

2. Tech talent hard to reach

With so many offers on the table, tech professionals get the steering wheel. Recruiters find it hard to get in touch with them as research shows that more than 70% are passive candidates and throwing a job ad won’t make them interested in an offer. Here, a resourcing strategy can make a difference, by reaching out to an outsourcing partner like SourceMatch.

3. Offers declined

Why would candidates reject your offer? Some would say that it’s hard to even reach the offering stage in the recruiting process. Candidates are not interested in changing roles or having a conversation with a recruiter. And with those that do show some interest, it is still difficult for recruiters to keep their attention until to the point of an offer. Som candidates use offers to negotiate with their current employer, or just to get a sense of their worth in the market. That is why organizations have to go beyond competitive pay wages and be more creative about the perks they offer.

4. Buyer’s remorse from the new hire

Without having all cards on the table when they are hired, candidates might have surprises when they get to truly know your organizational culture. Whenever expectations aren’t clarified prior to hiring, new employees will feel they’ve been sold on something that’s only partially true. That translates into frustration, low productivity and a new hire who’s already looking for a different job.

5. Tech recruiters don’t have a strong understanding of the job

One of the most challenging aspects when hiring tech talent is the vagueness of positions. According to research, technical hiring is one of the biggest challenges for recruiters. Understanding a job takes much more than a Job Description, years of experience and checkboxes for every skill. How would a tech recruiter be able to find the best candidates when they don’t know what the hiring manager is looking for in a candidate beyond their resume?

What other challenges do you encounter in hiring tech professionals? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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