Hiring trends for 2020

Here’s a look at the hiring trends for 2020. These will help talent acquisition leaders shape their next moves and build better hiring strategies.

1. Companies increasingly use AI-powered tools & HR automation
Artificial Intelligence comes as a very practical solution to help identify and hire the best talent with apps like automated meeting schedulers, customer support chatbots, that make recruiters more productive.
According to Career Builder, 93 percent of employers that have automated parts of their talent acquisition and management processes, say the switch has saved them time and increased efficiency, and 67 percent say they’ve saved money and resources.

2. Employer branding continues to be vital in 2020
75% of job seekers research a company’s reputation and employer brand before applying, according to LinkedIn research.
Companies will research how their employees feel about the jobs they’re in, the thoughts they have on the employers, their work, so they can think long term and build a stronger employer branding.

3. Employers will further prioritize diversity and inclusion jobs
A Glassdoor survey reveals that 64 percent of workers say their company is investing more in diversity and inclusion than it has in years past. Also, Glassdoor’s Economic Research team found that job openings for roles related to diversity and inclusion in the U.S. have increased 30 percent since last year, with approximately 810 jobs open across the country.

4. More candidates will embrace the mobile job search
We see a decline in the use of the traditional desktop PC that has an impact on candidate experience, and so, employers will be looking to adapt in 2020 and streamline the mobile job application experience. It is expected that by 2025, nearly three-quarters of the world will use just their smartphones to access the internet (CNBC).

5. Employers will put more focus on candidate experience
A good candidate experience during recruiting can be defined by transparency, respect, communication, efficient application process, offering a fair opportunity, timely feedback and so on. Negative candidate experience has a negative effect on a company, as according to statistics, 54.1% of job seekers who had a poor candidate experience stated it would have a negative influence on their decision to purchase a company’s products or services or on their brand perception.

Is your 2020 recruiting strategy aware of these trends?
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