Attract top Talent in 2020 with These 6 key Points

How do you attract top talent in 2020 when the competition is fierce than ever? Here’s how.

1. Post a clear job description and only in places that matter. Make sure you hit the right spots.

A clear job description will not only ensure you deliver the right message to the right people but will also allow you to use time in an efficient manner. Make sure you post it where your targeted audience is.

2. Include a video in your job advertising.

Job posts accompanied by a recruiting video see a 36% increase in applications.
Video content is a growing trend as when given the choice, 72% of people say they would choose video over text content to learn about a product or service – according to statistics.

3. Build a strong employer brand.

69% of candidates are likely to apply to a job if the employer manages its brand.
Employer branding is no longer a choice. Employer branding is defined by the company’s reputation as an employer and that exists, whether you actively pursue it or not. You take care of your employees and your employees take care of you – in other words, they talk about how great is the place they work at and do the marketing part for you.

4. Use storytelling

Don’t underestimate the power and importance of storytelling in the recruitment process. You will be surprised to see how much good it does, telling possible candidates who you are and what you have to offer. People tend to make a connection between what they hear in the story with a person, turn it into a personal experience.

5. Take care of your talent pool – a gold mine

Your own database should be the first place to start looking for talent. Here you find people you’ve already looked at or even spoke with in the past. It will save you time and help you become more efficient if you pro-actively build a talent pool!

6. Shorten the hiring process

Who likes a lengthy process? No one. According to Career Builder, when applying for a job, more than half of applicants (55 percent) will give up and move on if they haven’t heard from an employer within two weeks of applying. If YOU won’t hire them NOW, other companies will.

Recruiting comes with challenges, but having a clear direction, a good strategy in place, and the right recruiting model, can help you achieve growth. Reach out to us as we can walk you through our Engaged Recruiting model and demonstrate why it brings results unlike the traditional one.

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