Why do Companies Choose a Strategic Staffing Partner?

By July 9, 2019Blog, Recruiting
strategic staffing partner

According to Acara Solutions 2019 Staffing report, the main reason companies choose a Strategic Staffing Partner is because they find higher quality talent (voted by the majority of respondents).

What do the numbers say?

The US staffing industry is predicted to grow 4% in 2019, reaching a record $153.5 billion in revenue, according to the “US Staffing Industry Forecast” from Staffing Industry Analysts.
Temporary staffing, excluding place and search, is set to grow 3% this year, reaching a record $132.0 billion.

Growth will vary by segment, according to SIA:
Marketing/creative temporary staffing revenue and education temporary staffing revenue are expected to grow by 7% each this year.
The only segment where decline is expected is at the Office/clerical temporary staffing revenue with 1% in 2019.
How about 2020? US staffing industry expected to grow with 3% and reach $157.8 billion next year.

What is the biggest advantage top talent provides? A recent McKinsey statistics say that companies experience a boost of productivity from high performers, to be more exact, they are 400% more productive than average professionals.

Organizations often find themselves in a loop while trying to hire and retain the best talent. Partnering with a recruiting company like SourceMatch, gives them access to talent with a 360-degree view of the candidate, after putting them through assessments that reveal types of personality, culture fit, and other characteristics, according to the position’s needs. Our role is to consult you as to the practices that suit your recruiting process best!
It is essential in the development of a firm – and that is why many of them choose to partner – to expand and consider the idea of collaborating and trusting recruiting companies to find the right and best talent by following a process like the one SourceMatch has in place.

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