Recruitment Statistics Infographic 2019

By November 22, 2018Blog

A candidate driven recruitment market coupled with negative employer branding can make a recruiter’s job a hassle. If you also throw in the mix the talent shortage, the recruiter’s work becomes quite the challenge. Hurdles that recruiters will face in 2019 are no less challenging than they were before. This being the case, social media strategies and social listening tools, if used correctly, can ease the hiring process overall.

Understanding the statics regarding how the hiring process worked in 2018 is essential in understanding how to handle the challenges coming in the next few years. According to LinkedIn, the latest recruitment trends in the hiring process include diversity, new interviewing tools, data, and not last, artificial intelligence. Recruiting firms that harnessed the powers of these hiring processes had it good in 2018 and firms who want to strive must take notice of these trends.

A key statistical insight regarding diversity is that companies must not discriminate when recruiting. Companies who got on the bandwagon of diversity choose to do it because in their opinion it improved organizational culture (78%). Another statistical point of view is that when traditional points of view fail the most useful interviewing innovations that must kick in are soft skills (59%), job auditions (54%) and meeting in a casual setting (53%). The third major recruiting trend of 2018 was the increased use of data in the context of strategic hiring decisions. The numbers show us that 56% of the surveyed firms used data to increase retention rates. The fourth important HR trend of 2018 was the use of artificial intelligence in the hiring process.

Digital tools and automation
Recruitment automation improves the hiring process by making it more error-free.
Knowing all this, let’s follow up with some tips the can easily help to hire talented candidates using innovative hiring methods. 

The main observation we would like to point out is that recruitment in 2018 has more to do with social media than ever before considering that 67% of employers say social recruitment is vital in finding passive candidates, 66% of social hires weren’t looking for jobs when they were recruited by HR professionals using digital tools, and 63% of hiring managers say they successfully hired with social media.

The bottom line is: Go Social!


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